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第五期园冶杯分享会 | 4月15日近距离聆听建筑业内的智慧之音!


Global climate change is continuously affecting architecture, cities and the human living environment. In order to encourage architectural dialogue between international and domestic, and to explore diversified design issues, the fifth edition of the Yuan Ye Awards  International Architectural Design Sharing Meeting will be held online from 14:40-17:00 Beijing time on April 15.


The organizers have invited famous architects from China and abroad to discuss ecological sustainability and urban architecture, climate change and technological innovation, indoor living space and demographic change.

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Eight architectural design projects are shared by designers of famous architectural firms in China and abroad:


Hengshui Botanical Garden Greenhouse 


分享人:Oscar KO 高亦陶


Hengshui Botanical Garden Greenhouse ©值更

Located in the south of Hengshui City of Hebei Province in the Northern China,The entire building is composed of several modular structures that repeat itself to fit the site.  The inverted tapered steel frame structure with concrete column bases and wrapped in a glass curtain wall stands on a red brick base which echoes the nearby botanic art center, which is also named the Tower of Bricks.The vertebral steel frame repeats itself and transformed into a folded continuous roofscape that floats above the wetland. The strong geometric forms and volumes of the orthogonal grid and steel frame create a formal tension with the light and natural form of the wetland. 


Le Coq Wine & Bistro , HangZhou 


分享人:Marine Bois

位于杭州大厦的Le Coq Wine & Bistro,拥有着正对京杭大运河的绝佳地理位置。每一个空间都有其自身特殊的属性,如同各品类的葡萄酒也会有各自对应使用的葡萄酒杯,所以当我们面对着大运河的“水体”波动时,亦如想象着葡萄酒在杯中的各种“酒体”形态。就像是我们举杯欢庆之时,酒杯所碰撞出的三朵不同型态的“浪花”律动,成为了设计师将概念转化于空间之内的灵感。

Le Coq Wine & Bistro ©Wen Studio

Le Coq Wine & Bistro in Hangzhou Tower has an excellent location facing the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. We consider each space itself has unique attributes, like different glasses filling with various types of wines. While a toast, the banging of three glasses naturally creates three different 'waves' following the internal shapes of each one. We want to capture that moment and adapt it to this unique space.


Sanya Jinmao Farm Lab


分享人:Jan Clostermann

三亚南山生活馆位于热带海南岛最南端三亚市的南繁高科技园区,是一座建筑面积4000平方米的4层展示中心。设计的重点在于将区域的科技农业元素融入建筑设计,打造一个绿色多功能的科研加商业的空间。该建筑项目荣获了2020德国标志性设计奖,最佳创新建筑类别,以及2021德国设计奖,杰出概念建筑类别,2021 Dezeen年度最受读者欢迎大奖,商业建筑类别。

Sanya Jinmao Farm Lab ©Chill Shine

Sanya Farm Lab is a 4000 sqm 4-storey exhibition space, located in Nanfan High Tech District of Sanya, the southernmost city on tropical Hainan Island. The design focus of the project is to combine the climate characteristics of Sanya, integrate the regional scientific and technological agricultural elements and create a multi-functional research compound and commercial display space. Sanya Farm Lab has been awarded Innovative Architecture 2020 by ICONIC Awards, and Excellent Architecture Special Mention in 2021 by German Design Awards.


Colo Crossings House


分享人:Andrew Benn

Colo Crossings在对退隐的追求中,将景观与住所相结合。私人住所位于悉尼中央商务区西北100公里处,坐落在科洛河上方的陡坡上,与居住者在乡村毫不费力地退离城市一起隐入其环境,克制而优雅地建在荒僻的环境中。“隔离”具有新的含义,作为对周围环境的献礼。

Colo Crossings House ©Sean Tran

Colo Crossings intersects landscape and shelter in the pursuit of retreat. Located 100 kilometres north-west of Sydney's CBD, the private abode recesses into its setting alongside its occupants' withdrawal from city life in rural effortlessness. 'Isolation' takes on a new meaning as a celebration of one's surroundings, with containment and refinement perched atop the unforgiving landscape.


Mixed-use building Rue Castagnary


分享人:Olivier Camus & Lyderic Veauvy


Rue Castagnary ©Julien Lanoo

The residential development located on Rue Castagnary brings together a hybrid program within one building, in all its length and narrowness. Composed of 245 apartments and collective facilities, including a sports hall and a multipurpose hall, the program is aimed towards three types of users: students, young workers, and migrant workers. 


Palazzo Senza Tempo


分享人:Andrea Rossi

佩乔利“永恒之宫" 创意文化中心是佩乔利市政府倡导新文化和商业活动,振兴意大利山城的核心项目。设计从尊重场地原生态环境出发,最大程度地与自然联系,整合城市文化遗产,打造一个"活的博物馆" 。

Palazzo Senza Tempo ©Duccio Malagamba

The Palazzo Senza Tempo is the core project of the Peccioli municipal to promote new cultural projects and commercial activities and revitalize the Italian mountain city. The design of MC A starts from respecting the original ecological environment of the site, maximizing the connection with nature, integrating the cultural heritage of the city, and constructing a "living museum". 


Wild Coast Tented Lodge


分享人:Louis Thompson


Wild Coast Tented Lodge ©Marc Hernandez Folguera

Wild Coast Tented Lodge’s unique design, masterminded by a consortium of Dutch, English and Sri Lankan designers, sees the man-made structures blending seamlessly into the surrounding landscape thanks to the use of carefully selected natural materials. The use of arched fabric structures allows each of the twenty eight cocoon tents to take on the shape and colour of the rocks and boulders that lay scattered nearby, whilst a clever layout in the shape of a leopard’s paw print alludes to the area’s most famous resident. 


Meteorite Cabin


分享人:Kivi Sotamaa

“陨石不是一个大房子,但在内部,它代表了一种全新的3维开放概念生活空间组织方式,”Ateljé Sotamaa联合创始人Kivi Sotamaa说。“与传统房屋不同,每个房间都有特定的预定用途,Meteorite的建筑支持居民和各种生活状况之间更动态的关系。数字设计和新的预制和施工技术能够创造出独特,美观的高品质生态木结构建筑,为其位置增加体验价值。

Meteorite Cabin ©Tuukka Koski

Meteorite is not a large house, but on the inside it represents a completely new 3-dimensional open-concept way of organizing living space. Unlike traditional houses where each room has a specific predetermined purpose, Meteorite’s architecture supports more dynamic relationships of its residents and a variety of life situations. Digital design and new prefabrication and construction technologies enable the creation of unique, aesthetically high-quality ecological wood buildings that add experiential value to their locations.”


We are looking forward to your participation in this sharing meeting to listen to the voice of wisdom of the architecture up close.

直播时间:2022年4月15日 14:40-17:00 北京时间

Meeting Date:15th April, 2022 14:40- 17:00 Beijing time


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Organizer: Yuan Ye Award Organizing Committee、Global Design


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