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Dominique Coulon & associés | 法国席尔蒂海姆建筑遗址改造Dominique Coulon & associés | 法国席尔蒂海姆建筑遗址改造

▽法国席尔蒂海姆地区的遗址改造建筑,兼具市场与展览双重功能/Covered market and exhibition area in Schiltigheim. France

The rehabilitation of the butchers’cooperative is part of a process initiated by the municipality with the aim ofregenerating the town’s urban fabric.

▽建筑入口/ Building entrance

The place was originally a distillery,before becoming a butchers’ cooperative, and had been taken over by themunicipal authorities, which had turned it into an exhibition area for youngartists and a place for drama performances. When the venue ceased to meet thesafety standards in force, it was closed to the public – for a decade.

The substantial rehabilitation projectdeals with the building in two ways: the emblematic site in the heart of thehistoric centre of the town has been given a new lease of life, while itsheritage and architectural integrity have been preserved.

▽建筑周边环境/ Surrounding environment of buildings

▽保留下的墙壁/ Retaining the wall

Its mixed programme and the through passageit creates confer on it the status of a public space, accommodating a market, places for shopkeepers, an exhibition area, anda creative workshop.

▽一层贯穿的通道,两侧为商店/ A passage through the first floor, with shops on both sides

▽市场/ Market

This new art centre and covered market isset within an exemplary built context, comprising strips of land and remarkableexamples of vernacular architecture. While affirming its contemporarydimension, it highlights the constructional and aesthetic qualities of theexisting buildings on the site. In doing so, it returns to a process that hascharacterised the formation of our built heritage - stratification.

▽底部空间为市场,二层为艺术展览空间/ The bottom space is the market, and thesecond floor is the art exhibition space

▽通达二层的过渡空间/ The transition space with access to the second floor

▽建筑内部光影关系/ Light and shadow relationship inbuilding

The shelteredsummer bar really extends the exhibition area outdoors. This generousarrangement confers institutional status on the cultural centre, which isintended above all to serve as a place where all can gather and talk.

▽室外避暑酒吧/ Outdoor sheltered summerbar

On the inside, the architecture andscenography are used to promote spatial polyvalence by proposing efficientinternal functioning and modulable light. Here, the exhibition area attains ituniversal ideal, becoming a single space with multiple uses.

▽从天窗倾泄下光芒/ Shed light from the skylight

▽裸露的建筑结构/ Exposed building structure

▽一致的色彩关系/ Consistent color relations

▽基址平面图/Site plan
▽底层平面图/Ground floor
▽一层平面图/1st floor
▽二层平面图/2nd floor

地址:17 rue principale 67300 Schiltigheim.法国
客户:Ville de Schiltigheim
建筑师:Dominique Coulon&Associs公司

Program : Covered market, exhibition area,café, convivial place, ticket office, administrative area
Address : 17 rue principale 67300Schiltigheim.France
Client : Ville de Schiltigheim
Architects : Dominique Coulon &associés
Dominique Coulon, Steve Letho Duclos
Architect assistant : Guillaume Wittmann,Mathilde Blum, Diego Bastos-Romero
Surface : 2100 sq. m.
Budget : 3 600 000 € H.T
Schedule :
Competition : May 2014
Plans and technical phases : from September2014 to June 2015
Construction : from December 2015 toOctobrer 2018
Construction companies :
Structure (ALBIZZATI), Charpente (ERTCM),Exterior joinery – Professional stands (HUNSINGER),
Interior joinery (VOLLMER), plastering(GEISTEL), Metal works (HELLUY)
Photography : Eugeni Pons, DavidRomero-Uzeda