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2021-01-22 发布

项目鸟瞰 ©迪卡


Shengguo (Yushan International) Kindergarten covers an area of 7,300 square meters with a building area of 5,580 square meters. It is a high-quality, high-investment, full-time bilingual private kindergarten under the Hejing Education Group. It is also another building created by the Dika Kindergarten Design Center The landmark works of Pound City, based on the design concept of "dandelion", adopted the elements of "circle", aimed at the physical and mental development of preschool children, integrated modern educational facilities and ecological natural environment, and created a way for children to release their nature and seek Unique self-growth environment.

功能分区 ©迪卡


Curves and straight lines merge, dynamic and static areas complement each other, the sharp contrast of space and all kinds of uncertainties, I am not eager to make any premises and assumptions for the children, and only try to provide them with free space to stretch their imagination. Perhaps in such a collision and inspiration, children will naturally begin to find their own position in the growth process.

平面图 ©迪卡

交通流线分析 ©迪卡

剖面1 ©迪卡

剖面2 ©迪卡

幼儿园入口 ©迪卡


Based on regional considerations, it is de monstrated that reinforced concrete is used as the main structure, supplemented by the steel structure frame to bring more flexible curves to the building appearance; the establishment of double corridors with inner and outer rings, plus the main facade glass curtain wall, introduces more to the building Sunshine and light allow the overall building of Shengguo Kindergarten to meet the sunshine requirements of the garden, and also meet the requirements of good ventilation, moisture-proof, heat insulation and sun protection, and can also cope with the invasion of seasonal typhoons.

幼儿园双走廊 ©迪卡


The continuous opening of the inner ring and the outer ring breaks the fixed relationship of space and connects functional spaces with different attributes. Children gather here to experience the beauty of colors. The world is a sea of blue, and the uncertainty of space may become As part of the children's spatial memory and growth, all the marks and thoughts about growth are inadvertently engraved in every corner of the space.

内部联系 ©迪卡


The sunlight ignites the space with strong colors and gives children the freedom to grow. The lifelike spatial dialogue, the follow-up movement of light and shadow, the neat lines, and the boldness of everything in this kindergarten trigger sensibility and contribute to an artistic experience made in heaven.

充足的日照 ©迪卡


The space emphasizes transparency and sight penetration. The large area of glass integrates the natural landscape outside the window with the space, allowing natural light and energy to flow in without reservation, allowing children to walk into any corner of the space and be in natural light.

明亮的空间 ©迪卡


In the design of the movement line, it broke the traditional kindergarten design with one corridor and multiple classrooms, cut off the redundant decoration, interspersed the functional education public space in the main classroom area, so that the dynamic and static areas are more closely combined, giving children more flexible activity space , To encourage children to break the rules and meet the exploration desire and social needs of children at different stages.

灵活的活动空间 ©迪卡

结构可以创造光与影,太阳的光辉从一个个圆孔中透进室内时,近看,每个孔都是一个放大镜,放大无数的灵魂与自由,放大在镜下奔跑的孩子们, 随着空间的逐渐缩进,孩子们自身便幻化成丈量、探究、阅读和去体验空间的因素,孩子、建筑、周围环境之间的关系便由此建立。

The structure can create light and shadow. When the sun’s brilliance penetrates through the round holes into the kindergarten, when you look up close, each hole is a magnifying glass, magnifying countless souls and freedoms. The children under the magnifying glass are running, following the space. With gradual indentation, the children themselves become the key factors for measuring, exploring, reading and experiencing the space, and the relationship between the children, the building and the surrounding environment is thus established.

圆孔光影 ©迪卡


Everyone’s eyes are like water, walking on a boat, not sticking to a fixed perspective, and engendering curiosity, seeing contradictions and symbiosis, in the design of diversified children’s entertainment facilities, creating a children’s water system that is in line with children’s fun and has educational functions Installation, children interact with waterscape installations through manual systems, scale and restraint trigger children to imagine more of the built environment and space, and these will also become irreplaceable nutrients for children to grow.

戏水的儿童 ©迪卡


The growth of children requires the nourishment of nature and freedom, and large toys are an important medium to inspire children to explore their abilities. Large installation toys break the stereotype that toys can only be played in the hands. The kindergarten we hope is not only It is only regarded as an object, but forms a nourishing environment, transforming the space environment into a powerful educational resource for teachers and parents, allowing children to play, explore, and explore the multi-dimensional experience in the process to satisfy children’s The curiosity of the world.




The boundless exploration to compound the concept of education can make children discover the broad and deep love for life. It stands quietly in the universe of light and shadow, and clouds and flowing water, like a lonely and pious prayer. Beyond time and space, light lofty.

孤独而虔诚的祈祷者 ©迪卡

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