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House in Vale das VideirasHouse in Vale das Videiras

House in Vale das Videiras 是由巴西Rodrigo Simão Arquitetura设计,并赢得2020年园冶杯国际建筑专业奖银奖。

A house idealized as a weekend house by nature for a writer and a plastic artist, with the possibility of  becoming a  permanent home. Also can accomodate well the adults son and daughter with children when the family gathers.

项目坐落在一个略微起伏的地形上,在该地区并不是很常见,该项目面积为14366.93平方米,项目地有天然的高地和湖泊,为业主设计的艺术工作室建在一个现有的30.00 x6.50米的混凝土基础上。

Erected in a slightly undulated terrain, atypical for the region, with the generous area of 14.366,93m2, with existing plateaus and a lake, the program included an arts studio for the owner, whitch was built over an existing concrete foundation measuring 30.00mx6.50m.


The main house was placed over an existing plateau in the highest point of the lot, over a slight promontory, to take the best views to the woods and the mountains, and maximize sunlight, vital in mountain climate. It is a single level house protected by a ubiquitous overhanging roof that keeps the house free from moisture.


Respecting existing trees and the shape of the existing plateau, the house was divided into three volumes, the pavilionar living room, flanked by two volumes containing the suites, that were slightly twisted to improve the views and fit harmoniously in the plateau, resulting in an architecture integrated with the surrounding landscape.


The frontal varanda that embraces the whole living room is covered by a 3,00m overhanging roof, and it is a central element of the project, stimulating outdoor life. Opening alumminum frames with large glass panels and recessed railings in the floor, integrate living room and varanda with no visible elements or thresholds, increasing the continuity interior/exteriror。


Besides three suites(one with external acess), by the main entrance a home office is visually conected with the living room. If desired, it gets some privacy by shutting the curtains and can be revertible as a guest room too.

厨房是客厅中的一个重要的空间位置,它直面阳台和景观,这种设计将烹饪和用餐的乐趣延伸到整个房子。水槽和灶台做在一个大的黑色抛光花岗岩台面上面向风景和餐桌,尺寸为5.50x1.10米。 它由外露的混凝土短墙支撑。灶台在视觉上与整个客厅融为一体。

The kitchen is a protagonist space in the living room wide opened to the varanda and the landscape, extending the pleasure of cooking and being at the table to the whole house. The sink and the cooktop facing the view and the dining table, over a big black polished granite countertop, measuring 5,50x1,10m supported by an exposed concrete short wall. So the cook is visually integrated with the whole living room.


The same exposed concrete (made with handmade wood formwork) make up a more intimate corner for reading, playing music, watching TV, in the other side of the living room.


The arts Studio, a wide hall lighted by skylights also contains a kitchen and a suite and can be used as a guest house.


Its pavilionar shape, the structural slenderness and the low reflective colors of the deployed materials follow the concept of blending with nature that guided the project.


The significant presence of wood in floors, ceilings, roof foreheads, associated to exposed metal structure painted in natural iron color, as well as the external wall painting in moss green and alumminum frames in black also contributes to this integration with landscape.

项目名称:House in Vale das Videiras
结构设计:Rodrigo Simão Arquitetura
室内设计:Rodrigo Simão Arquitetura / Katharina Welper
景观设计:Rodrigo Simão Arquitetura
建设地点:Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro,RJ,  Brazil