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园冶杯参赛作品 | 迪拜加尔加什清真寺 / Dabbagh Architects园冶杯参赛作品 | 迪拜加尔加什清真寺 / Dabbagh Architects

2021-10-19 发布

清真寺北立面 North elevation ©Gerry O’Leary

迪拜Dabbagh Architects创始人Sumaya Dabbagh带领团队,完成了已故穆罕默德·阿卜杜勒哈利克·加尔加什(Mohamed Abdulkhaliq Gargash)清真寺的设计建造。它位于阿联酋迪拜,是一处属于现代的礼拜场所。建筑师巧妙地掌握建筑形式、材料和对自然光的控制,唤起了一种宁静的精神连接感,将礼拜者从外部物质世界过渡入内在的精神体验。这一清真寺是阿联酋最早由女性建筑师所设计的宗教建筑之一。

Dabbagh Architects lead by its Founder, Sumaya Dabbagh, completes the Mosque of the Late Mohamed Abdulkhaliq Gargash (Dubai, UAE), a contemporary place of worship that is quietly masterful in its use of form, materiality, and controlled natural light to evoke a sense of calm and spiritual connection and transition the worshipper from the outer material world to inner sense of being. The mosque is one of the first in the UAE to be designed by a female architect.

南立面 South elevation ©Gerry O’Leary

前界围墙与南立面 Front boundary wall and south elevation ©Gerry O’Leary

主入口广场及南立面 Main entrance plaza and south elevation ©Gerry O’Leary

墙角视角 Block corner perspective ©Gerry O’Leary

墙角和宣礼塔 Prayer block corner and minaret ©Gerry O’Leary

建筑的设计核心在于它所增强的礼拜体验,同时也通过建筑整体塑造了物质与精神世界间的过渡之旅,让礼拜者可以更好地准备祈祷、感受与神圣间的亲密感。“塑造礼拜场所是一项非常特殊的设计挑战。祈祷是非常虔诚的行为,需要礼拜者全身心投入。而现代忙碌的生活则让周边环境充满了各种各样的干扰。因此在祈祷中让头脑平静下来并找到内心的宁静也变得具有挑战性”,建筑师Sumaya说,“我们通过设计创造了一系列的空间,帮助礼拜者从忙碌的外部世界过渡,准备好体验精神世界” 。

At the heart of the design, the approach is the enhancement of the act of worship and a transitional journey throughout the building so that the worshipper is ready for prayer and feels a sense of intimacy with the sacred. “Creating a space of worship was a very particular design challenge. Prayer is a devotional act. It requires the worshipper to be totally present. With all the distractions in our modern busy lives it can be challenging to quieten the mind and find an inner calm to allow for full immersion into prayer,” says Sumaya. “Through the design, a series of spaces are created that allow the worshipper to transition from the busy outer world and prepare for an inner experience.”

礼拜者面对米哈拉布祷告 Prayed in front of mihrab ©Gerry O’Leary


Natural light is used as a tool to enhance a feeling of spirituality, the connection between the earthly and the divine, and to mark the worshipper’s journey through the building. Scale also plays a role in creating this sense of sacredness. Dabbagh Architects sought to avoid multiple blocks, simplifying the traditional typology of the Islamic form and stripping it away to its essence. The use of pattern and materiality in this project enhances the user’s experience as they journey from the outside into the courtyard and enter the building. Throughout the building is a triangular pattern, a reference to traditional Islamic geometry but reinterpreted in a deconstructed contemporary language.

室外祷告区 Outdoor prayer area ©Gerry O’Leary

通往祷告厅主入口 Main entrance to the prayer hall ©Gerry O’Leary


The exterior paneling uses this triangulated pattern in recessed and perforated elements, which gives the building’s skin a dynamic appearance. Internally, these perforations scatter natural light into the areas of worship with great control and care to illuminate the key spaces and create a calm atmosphere and sense of connection to the divine, as well as helping to cool the mosque’s interior. The double skin dome allows natural light to enter, filtering it through the internal decorative skin, which incorporates the same triangulated pattern. This filtered light creates a soft naturally-lit prayer space tailoring to the introspective mind during prayer.

立面细节和穹顶 Facade detail and dome ©Gerry O’Leary

阳光透过穿孔穹顶散布在室内 Sunlight scatter into the area through perforated dome ©Gerry O’Leary

宁静氛围,与神圣建立联系 Create a calm atmosphere and sense of connection to the divine ©Gerry O’Leary


Calligraphy plays an important part in the overall design too. A Surah (verse from the Quran) wraps around the prayer hall externally to create a metaphoric protective band signaling the spiritual nature of the space upon arrival and instilling sacred energy throughout the building.

立面书法细节 Facade calligraphy detail ©Gerry O’Leary

建筑夜景 Night view ©Gerry O’Leary

夜景外部照明细节 External lighting detail of night view ©Gerry O’Leary


总平面图 Site plan ©Dabbagh Architects

首层平面图 Ground plan ©Dabbagh Architects

南立面 South Elevation ©Dabbagh Architects

西立面 West Elevation ©Dabbagh Architects

剖面 Section ©Dabbagh Architects

项目名称 Project Nameubai Gargash Mosque
项目位置 Location: Dubai, UAE
项目业主 Client: Family of the late Mohamed Abdulkhaliq Gargash
场地面积 Site Area: 3731.27 ㎡
总建筑面积 Total BUA: 1680 ㎡
首席建筑师 Lead architects: Dabbagh Architects – Sumaya Dabbagh, Sandrine Quoilin, Aleks Zigalovs, Hana Younes, William Java
结构工程师 Structure engineers: Orient Crown Architectural
机电工程师 MEP Engineers: Clemson Engineering
景观设计师 Landscape Architects: WAHO Landscape Architecture
竣工日期 Completion date: 2021.06.30

建筑施工信息 Building construction information
结构 Structure: 钢筋混凝土 RC Concrete
覆层 Cladding: 玻璃钢混凝土 GRC Cladding
顶盖 Canopy: 钢支撑结构铝棚 Aluminium Canopy on Steel Support Structure
木工 Joinery: 木饰面 Wood Veneer / HPL高压层压板 / 实木 Solid Wood / 固体表面 Solid Surface