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行之建筑 | 重庆特斯联AI PARK行之建筑 | 重庆特斯联AI PARK

2021-11-23 发布

AI PARK鸟瞰 Aerial view of AI PARK ©苏圣亮

AI PARK 是 XINGDESIGN 行之建筑事务所为特斯联科技集团(TERMINUS GROUP)打造的人工智能城市先行区。作为中国科技赛道的独角兽,特斯联致力于推动城市智能化建设,做全球领先的智慧场景服务商。

AI PARK, the pilot zone of Terminus Group’s AI CITY, is an exciting project designed by XINGDESIGN Studio. Terminus Group, a global leading AI smart service provider, is devoted to high quality products focused on AI cities, sustainable development, and robotics.

AI PARK 作为特斯联未来之城 AI CITY 的“序章”,是一个未来城市体验、研发测试、以及人与机器人交互的实验基地。

AI PARK, as the prologue of AI CITY, is an experimental base for city experiences, Research and Development testing, and human-robot interactions.

“Chips” Inserted into the Earth

嵌入大地景观中的AI PARK AI PARK Inserted into landscape ©苏圣亮

AI PARK 位于重庆高新区凤鸣湖畔,由一组金属墙排列而成,像 “芯片”一样插进起伏的地形之中。

AI PARK is located by Fengming Lake in Chongqing Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone. It consists of a set of chip-like metal walls, which are inserted into the undulating terrain.

嵌入景观 Inserted into landscape ©XING DESIGN

芯片墙泛起亮光 Lighting in walls ©Arch Nango

交错的墙面 Staggered walls ©苏圣亮

映出周围绿色的金属墙面 Metal walls reflecting the green environment ©苏圣亮


These walls integrate robot ramps, hardware equipment, servers, shafts, outlets, and supporting structures. Labs are distributed in between the walls.

机器人坡道作为立面构成元素 Ramps for robots as part of elevation components ©苏圣亮

冷却塔、排风口等也集成在墙中 Cooling tower and air outlets ©苏圣亮

墙体侧面是排烟口 Smoke vent next to the wall ©Arch Nango


These set of metal walls follow the terrain, pointing perpendicularly to the water bank. Courtyards and laboratories, connecting and scattered among the walls, have open views towards the water.

形体错动结合地形 Walls following the terrain ©苏圣亮

AI PARK正面悬停在水上 Front facing the water ©Arch Nango

墙之间的庭院 Countyards between walls ©苏圣亮

楼梯夹在墙之间的院子里 Stairs in the courtyard ©苏圣亮

一些实验室悬挂在两片墙之间 Suspended labs between walls ©Arch Nango

“嵌入大地的芯片”表达了特斯联的使命——万物互联,构建城市物理空间的智慧系统。这就是特斯联的“AI CITY”。

“Chips” Inserted into the Earth elaborates the mission of Terminus, which focuses on AIoT (Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things) and the smart system of regulating and controlling the urban space.

The idea is turning into reality.

在AI PARK中研发调试的TACOS(Terminus AI CITY Operating System)就是AI CITY的操作系统。它也构建了AI PARK的数字孪生,同步迭代进化。

TACOS (Terminus AI CITY Operating System), being tested and developed in the AI park, is the OS of AI CITY. It also builds the digital twin of AI PARK, which is iterated and evolving simultaneously.


Smart space relies on the smart software and hardware industry, the evolution of traditional industries like engineering, and even disciplines as architecture and social management. We, as architects, are also involved.

AI PARK也是渐进式和实验性的建筑,处于“未完成”的状态,空间弹性灵活,根据需要进行改造和拓展。

AI PARK is progressive, experimental and “incomplete”. It is flexible and able to be modified and expanded to meet future demands.

建筑形体不强调“完形”,开放给未来的改造 Incomplete architectural form for future expansion ©苏圣亮

A Journey with robots


While humans walking upright leads to stairs in buildings, the way robots move also shapes the architectural space.

目前特斯联量产的机器人以轮轴底盘为基础,因此AI PARK在墙体之中集成了机器人坡道,保证机器人可以到达各层区域。

At present, the Terminus robots are based on the wheeled axle chassis. Thus, AI PARK is implemented with ramps to ensure that all levels are accessible for robots.

墙里的机器人坡道 Robot ramps integrated in walls ©Arch Nango

机器人行走于墙体坡道之上 Robots wallking on ramps integrated in walls ©苏圣亮

在AI PARK 入口处,设置着机器人充电台,停靠着待命的各类机型。参观者由此被机器人带领穿越甬道,到达一个围合入口庭院,仿佛来到另一个时空。然后和机器人一起走进AI PARK中展开探索。

At the entrance of AI PARK, there is a charging station for robots, where various types of robots are on standby. Led by robots, visitors walk through a corridor to arrive at an enclosed courtyard space, a completely different world. After that, they can further unfold the adventure in the AI PARK accompanied by robots.

公园步行入口夜景 Night scene of the Park entrance ©苏圣亮

机器人充电平台 Charging station for robots ©苏圣亮

围合入口庭院 Enclosed courtyard entrance ©苏圣亮

影音厅 Auditorium ©苏圣亮

中心大厅 Main hall ©苏圣亮

A future between architecture, machines and robots


In 1923, Le Corbusier wrote " A house is a machine for living in" to challenge the conventional architectural ethics. Yet the relationship between machine and architecture is far more profound than a kind of "formal style" or "aesthetic preference".

Architecture is the unceasing agglomeration of technology.


In the future, architecture is probably shaped by both human beings and machines. Besides being a co-user of space, robots can have impact in a greater way: to be a part of the architecture.


Nowadays, it is hard to imagine new buildings without HVAC, elevators, water supply, EL&ELV or network coverage. In future, technologies like smart space OS, Robots, robotized building components will be as common as stone & brick, reinforced concrete, Low-e glass, and escalators.


集成墙体 Integrated walls ©XING DESIGN

The story of architecture, machines, and humans has just begun.

AI PARK水面倒影 Water reflections ©Arch Nango

AI PARK局部光影 Interior lights and shadows ©XING DESIGN


地下二层平面 B2 Plan ©XING DESIGN

地下一层平面 B1 Plan ©XING DESIGN

一层平面 L1 Plan ©XING DESIGN

二层平面 L2 Plan ©XING DESIGN

项目名称:AI PARK
建筑面积:5500 ㎡
设计单位:XING DESIGN 行之建筑设计事务所
主创及设计团队:熊星(主创建筑师)陈伯良 唐凡逸 任美子 林伟乔 詹嘉 赵津汝 伍岛 李绍禹 何爽智 陈勇 王誉初 吴楚楚
建筑&室内设计:XING DESIGN 行之建筑设计事务所

Project Specs:
Project Name: AI PARK
Type: Architecture/ Interior/ Landscape
Location: Fengming Lake Park, Chong Chongqing Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone
Area: 5500 ㎡
The Client: Terminus Group
Project Team: XINGDESIGN  
Lead Architect: XIONG Xing
Architects: XIONG Xing, CHEN Boliang, TANG Fanyi, REN Meizi, LIN Weiqiao, ZHAN Jia, ZHAO Jinru, WU Dao, Li Shaoyu, HE Shuangzhi, CHEN Yong, WANG Yuchu, WU Chuchu
Design and construction Period: June, 2020- May, 2021
Architecture & Interior Design: XINGDESIGN

项目摄影:苏圣亮,Arch Nango

LDI: General Research Institute of Architecture & Planning Deisgn CO., LTD, CHONGQING UNIVERSITY
Landscape Design: Second Nature
Photographs: SU Shengliang, Arch Nango