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博埃里 | 黄冈垂直森林城市综合体博埃里 | 黄冈垂直森林城市综合体

2022-05-13 发布

2022 年 1 月 -黄冈居然之家垂直森林城市综合体位于湖北省黄冈市,是由博埃里建筑设计事务所(中国)在中国建造的第一座垂直森林,现已全部完工并迎来了它的第一批住户。

January 2022 - Easyhome Huanggang Vertical Forest City Complex, located in the city of Huanggang in Hubei province, is the very first Chinese Vertical Forest designed by Stefano Boeri Architetti China, fully completed and already inhabited since few weeks by the first tenants.


It’s a new type of Vertical Forest combining open and closed balconies that interrupt the regularity of the building and create a continuous ever-changing movement, accentuated by the presence of trees and shrubs able, thanks to the structure, to develop freely in height while the foliage fit perfectly into the façade design.

建筑师 Stefano Boeri 说道:“该建筑拥有可以欣赏到绿树成荫的立面的绝佳视野,同时增强了对绿色植物的感官体验,并将植物景观与建筑维度融为一体——因此,住宅塔楼的居民有机会体验从不同的角度看城市空间,让久居城市的人们也能充分感受被自然环绕的惬意。”

“The design allows an excellent view of the tree-lined façades, enhancing the sensorial experience of the greenery and integrating the plant landscape with the architectural dimension – says the architect Stefano Boeri - Thus, the inhabitants of the residential towers have the opportunity to experience the urban space from a different perspective while fully enjoying the comfort of being surrounded by living nature”

居然之家黄冈垂直森林城市综合体占地 4.54 公顷由五座塔楼组成(包含两栋住宅塔楼),项目包含的五栋塔楼引入“垂直森林”概念,形成了一个集住宅、酒店和大型商业空间为一体的新型绿色综合体,能够满足不同个人、居民和游客的日常需求。

Easyhome Huanggang Vertical Forest City Complex covers an area of 4.54 hectares and comprises five towers, two of which are residential and designed as vertical forests. It’s a new green complex that integrates buildings for residences, hotels and large commercial spaces, able to meet the daily needs of a number of different individuals, residents and temporary guests, inhabitants and tourists.

建筑外立面种植了选自当地树种中的 404 棵乔木(主要树种包括银杏 Ginkgo biloba、桂花 Osmanthus fragrans、血皮槭 Acer griseum、女贞 Ligustrum lucidum、腊梅 Chimonanthus praecox 等);4620 株灌木(主要的中灌木和小灌木如木芙蓉 Hibiscuc mutabilis、胡颓子 Elaeagnus pungens、南天竹 Nandina domestica、卫矛 Euonymus alatus 等); 2408 平方米的多年生花草和沿阶草 Ophiopogon bodinieri、佛甲草 Sedum linear、金边麦冬 Liriope spicata 等攀援植物。每年将会吸收城市中 22 吨二氧化碳,产生 11 吨氧气,已成为湖北省黄冈市中心的地标性建筑物。

The greenery of the Vertical Forest, selected from local species, is composed by 404 trees (the main trees are Ginkgo biloba, Osmanthus fragrans, Acer griseum, Ligustrum lucidum, Chimonanthus praecox); 4620 shrubs (the main middle shrubs and small shrubs are Hibiscus mutabilis, Elaeagnus pungens, Nandina domestica, Euonymus alatus); 2408 square meters of perennial grass, flowers and climbing plants like Ophiopogon bodinieri, Sedum lineare, Liriope spicata), absorbe 22 tons/year of CO2 and produce 11 tons/year of O2.

博埃里建筑设计事务所中国合伙人、总经理胥一波博士评论道:“黄冈垂直森林城市综合体的建成是博埃里绿色理念在中国实践的一大步,它的成功令人欣慰。我们希望有一天每个人都能在自己私人领域而非只在公共建筑中接触到垂直森林。住宅中的垂直森林,会从根本上改变未来城市的景观, 改变人们对未来生态生活的期待。”

Xu Yibo, Partner of Stefano Boeri Architetti China comments: “The completion of Huanggang Vertical Forest City Complex is a big step in the practice of Stefano Boeri’s green concept in China. This project represents a very comforting news for all of us: we hope that one day everyone will have the chance to live close to nature in their own private home rather than just in public spaces. The Vertical Forest model in residences will fundamentally transform the landscape of future cities and change people's expectations for future ecological life”

项目总监 Pietro Chiodi 总结道:“在中国建造的第一座垂直森林具有双重意义:对我们来说,它开启了一种新的建筑类型——拉伸的体量与树木融为一体;而对于黄冈来说,垂直森林的建成将会触 发对周边整体环境的更新过程,并推进对城市环境的重建进程。”
Pietro Chiodi, Project Director, concludes: “the first Vertical Forest built in China has a double meaning: for us, it opens a new architectural typology - with extruded volumes fitting among the
trees - while for Huanggang it may trigger an overall process of regeneration and redevelopment of the urban context."

Project Name:Easyhome Huanggang Vertical Forest City Complex
Client:Beijing Easyhome Vertical Forest Real Estate Co.,Ltd.
Stefano Boeri Architetti(China)
合伙人:Stefano Boeri ;胥一波
Founder & Partner:Stefano Boeri
Partner:Yibo Xu
项目总监:Pietro Chiodi
Project Director:Pietro Chiodi
Project Architect:Huang Yitao
设计团队:鲍印心, 雷思雨,崔磊,杜锦烨,费一帆,黄志阳,Mohamed Hassan Ali Elgendy, Luca Xu,
刘娟,Cecilia Picello,Sebastiano Cattiodoro,蒋林宏,袁佳伦,Mohamed Yasser Elsarif
Design Team:Yinxin Bao,Siyu Lei,Lei Cui,Jinye Du, Yifan Fei,Zhiyang Huang,Mohamed Hassan
Ali Elgendy,Luca Xu,Liu Juan,Cecilia Picello,Sebastiano Cattiodoro,Linhong Jiang,Jialun
Yuan,Mohamed Yasser Elsarif
Business manager: Palace Gong
项目数据 建筑面积:4.54 公顷
Project Data-Area:4.54 公顷
植物设计顾问:Studio Laura Gatti;
结构设计顾问:Luca Buzzoni, ARUP (Italy)
设计院:LDI: 中南建筑设计院股份有限公司
风力测试: RWDI
Plantation Consultant: Studio Laura Gatti;
Structural Design Consultant :Luca Buzzoni, ARUP (Italy)
LDI:Central-South Architectural Design Institute Co., Ltd.
Wind test:RWDI
Construction: China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Group Co.,Ltd
Landscape construction:Landscape Architecture Corporation of China Co., Ltd.
视觉呈现:力方(上海)数字科技有限公司; 上海空际视觉艺术有限公司
Visual:LIFANG (Shanghai) Digital Technologies Co., Ltd. ; Shanghai Skyin Visual Arts Co. Ltd
摄影&视频:RAW VISION studio
Photography & Video:RAW VISION studio