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Octavio Mestre Elastiko | Magic Box Headquarters—Magic Box玩具公司总部Octavio Mestre Elastiko | Magic Box Headquarters—Magic Box玩具公司总部

2023-01-11 发布
OMA Octavio Mestre Arquitectos and Elastiko design a creative and innovative space for toy company Magic Box
OMA Octavio Mestre Arquitectos和Elastiko为玩具公司Magic Box设计了一个创意和创新的空间

OMA Octavio Mestre Arquitectos and Elastiko, an architectural studio headed by Iker Alzola, are responsible for the architecture and interior design for the new headquarters of Magic Box, a leading company in the collectible toy industry.
OMA Octavio Mestre Arquitectos和Elastiko(由Iker Alzola领导的建筑工作室)负责Magic Box新总部的建筑和室内设计,Magic Box是一家收藏玩具行业的领先公司。

The project, located in the town of Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona), has a total area of 3,800m2 organized in three floors and two of underground parking. With a triangular floor plan, the new building stands out for its ceramic facade in which a series of "bites" or openings bring natural light inside the facility.
该项目位于Sant Cugat del Vallès镇(巴塞罗那),总面积为3800平方米,分为三层和两层地下停车场。新建筑采用三角形平面图,其陶瓷立面突出,一系列的开口将自然光线引入设施内部。

The inner spaces denote a great personality, far from conventional aesthetics, and reinforce the brand's image, thus fulfilling one of the client's requirements.

New Magic Box Headquarters by OMA Octavio Mestre Arquitectos and Elastiko - Photo: © José Hevia

The building. Structure and facade

With a total area of almost 3,800 m2 organized in ground floor + 2 and two floors of underground parking, the Magic Box building has a unique triangular floor plan that arises from the geometry of the corner plot.
Magic Box建筑的总面积近3800平方米,包括一层+ 2层和两层地下停车场,它有一个独特的三角形平面,来自于角落地块的几何形状。

At the entrance, the floors are set back like a cascade around the triple-height hall and the large glazed facade is inclined as if to welcome the visitors. The building's main facades are clad with a double skin of large-format ceramic, sometimes solid, sometimes perforated, which plays with the light inside the building, creating watery effects.

"Change is the challenge. Projects are shifting, and the Magic Box headquarters has been no exception. Circumstances change, and with them the needs of clients, and we designers must continually adapt. We are very happy that the final design ends up reflecting the initial idea or essence," says Octavio Mestre, director of OMA Octavio Mestre Arquitectos.
“改变就是挑战。项目在不断变化,Magic Box总部也不例外。环境在变化,客户的需求也在变化,我们设计师必须不断适应。我们很高兴最终的设计反映了最初的想法或本质,”OMA Octavio Mestre Arquitectos的总监Octavio Mestre说。

The building's structure has only six pillars, none of them on the 700 m2 upper floor. This floor is fixed by means of long metal trusses that cover the entire space and remain visible, resting on the structural concrete walls that make up the facades.

In terms of access, having a protected staircase (from the outside it forms the "prow" of the building and its highest point) allows the other staircase to be open to the triple space of the hall next to the panoramic glass elevator.

While the pedestrian access is on one side, the vehicular access is on the opposite facade, to take advantage of the slope and avoid having to excavate excessively. A single ramp leads down to floors -1 and -2, which are used for parking and storage. On the other side, a traversable green area allows occasional parking on the lawn for special visitors and couriers.

The careful design of the thermal enclosure in all its components, combined with an efficient air conditioning system with heat recovery units, make the building highly energy efficient.

Implementation and interior design

For the design process, Elastiko has collaborated closely with the Magic Box creative team, achieving an interior that reflects the creative, innovative and fun spirit of the company, incorporating elements and colors from their worlds and characters. The studio led by Iker Alzola has designed for this building diaphanous areas on all floors to convey breadth and allow visual relationships between the different interior spaces and the exterior, ideal for the new working methods. Thus, the project becomes a healthy work area that optimizes the use of natural light and prioritizes the well-being of its employees, providing optimal lighting, good acoustic design, and high quality in common and collaborative spaces.
在设计过程中,Elastiko与Magic Box创意团队密切合作,实现了反映公司创意、创新和有趣精神的室内设计,并结合了他们的世界和角色的元素和颜色。由Iker Alzola领导的工作室为这栋建筑的所有楼层设计了透明区域,以展现宽度,并允许不同的内部空间和外部之间的视觉关系,非常适合新的工作方法。因此,该项目成为一个健康的工作区,优化自然光的使用,并优先考虑其员工的福祉,提供最佳的照明,良好的医学设计,并保证公共和协作空间的高品质。

"From the beginning clearly had in mind that the interior spaces had to respond to two principles: the creativity that characterizes the Magic Box’s worlds and characters, and the culture related to the new ways of working," says Iker Alzola, founder and director of Elastiko.
Elastiko的创始人兼总监Iker Alzola说:“从一开始,我们就明确地意识到,室内空间必须回应两个原则:体现魔法盒子世界和角色特征的创造力,以及与新工作方式相关的文化。”

The entrance lobby leads to the ground floor, the most public one, which, in addition to the open office work area, houses the showroom and the cafeteria with direct access to the garden. In the cafeteria and the showroom, the plastic textured floor and red and mustard yellow colors take on a great prominence, helping to identify the different uses of the building and reinforcing the creative image of the company. The entire first floor has great transparency, inviting visitors to go inside.

The second floor is reserved for the creative team. The different types of meeting rooms are designed with the same principles, as well as the workshop with a space for 3D printers. The second floor houses the management offices, an open office area and the main meeting room, which has been designed with tall glass sheets that overcome the imposing headroom of up to 5 meters on this floor.

The possibility of increasing the number of workstations in the future is another of the concepts that Elastiko introduces in the project. The distribution of the program and the great flexibility of the spaces allow for the implementation of 75 workstations that, depending on the company’s growth, can be expanded up to 120.

Architecture OMA Octavio Mestre Arquitectos
Octavio Mestre, Albert Lluch,
Jaume Trullà, Carlos Maurette
Interior design and implementation Elastiko Architects
Iker Alzola, Gianluca Giaccone
Ariadna Privat, Gala Núñez

Installation engeneering OTP Engineering
Structure Javier Monte
Technical Architecture Xavier Pie
Lightning Consultancy Ca2L
Furniture Supplier Bernadí
Construction firm Oic-Penta
Location c/ Pau Vila, 2-4, 08174 Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona)
Photography José Hevia