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易昂设计 | 美物抵心易昂设计 | 美物抵心

2023-03-14 发布



A true poetic dwelling is not an escape from the hustle and bustle, nor is it an outward sign of flower clusters, but the care of a peach blossom source in the heart that belongs to oneself. Therefore, there is no definite style of home, which is not only a space that can be carefully crafted but also a philosophy of life that can be savored by the residents.


留白消边界 松弛蕴自在

The flow of space is partly due to the coherence of the layout and partly due to the multi-directional echoes of the large area of light. In addition to the core functional components, a large amount of white space focuses the family's dynamic focus, and allows the home to have more breathable ventilation, so that both function and spirit can grow freely.

In the long river of time, there are always some durable refinements that pass down as classics. The introverted beauty after time settles, and the current art collide with new sparks. The path of retro, with a concrete object, and the current life has a new link point, but also awakened the constant nostalgia of people. The more it is tossed around, the more it is tasted.

If we say that the minimalist approach to the construction of points, lines and surfaces is good at outlining a free field that connects the big picture and blurs the boundaries of time and space. The decorative lines and color jumps are the elements that harmonize the rhythm of the living room.

Among the different shades of light colors, the premium brown is a wonderful brush to point out the temperature and taste, like the accidental opening of chocolate in life, with the change of light and shadow of the four seasons, colliding with the unknown surprise taste.


风味连佳境 烟火亦诗情

The open dining room carries its own deep meaning, unfolding the narrative of left and right with the convenience of life. On one side, an island with value and multi-functionality completes the daily connection with the living room, and on the other side, a direct access to the kitchen allows the whole process from ingredients to flavors to flow smoothly.Natural surroundings, natural flavors, artistic republics, and stories about fireworks are fleshed out to be more fascinating.

Even in the place of smoke and fire, the aesthetic interest and style are also manifested. The mood of landscape, flowers and birds is the spiritual expression of typical oriental charm, yet it is not dragged down by the traces of time and resonates with the same frequency in a field that matches the current lifestyle. The oriental sentiment engraved in the bones and the comfortable tone of modern life are not confined to the shape, but have already reached the realm of meaning.

The arched door with French elegance and vintage romance is a natural framer, and every part of the home is lingering and moving. The artistic expression of the design softens the beauty of the curves of the space, extends the visual homogeneity, enriches the form of the space, and finally achieves the manifestation of spiritual romanticism.


复古情愫浓 栖居着雅趣

Retro is a tribute, but also an innovation. Inspired by the retro complex, the design re-extracts the classic elements that have long been proven by time, familiar symbols, and re-describes them with modern strokes. The design does not interfere too much with the bedroom space, leaving a quiet atmosphere, yet winning in rhyme and foot. The carved plaster line sublimates the whole space with the precision of the details.

The block is the best way to create melody in a straightforward way. The mundane of life is punctuated by geometric forms, which clarify the function and harmonize the spirit. The ritual of art is not absent at all, with the taste of materials, the harmony of colors and the precision of details, together creating a tribute to the love of life. With such artisanal pavement, just a single cross-slanting branch effortlessly ignites a room full of vitality.

Even the smallest fragments of life are never neglected. The romantic sentiment of nostalgia combined with the needs of modern aesthetics allows the dimensions of time to be strung together one by one in the space, yet each expresses its own feelings. The casual tenderness of wood and fabric gives the most relaxing atmosphere for parents and children to spend time together, while the dryness of stone and mirror makes the tonality of life visible at a glance.



项目名称 | 美物抵心
Project Name | Good Things Come to Heart
项目地址 | 山东 济南
Project Address | Jinan, Shandong
项目面积 | 200㎡
Project Area | 200㎡
设计公司 | 易昂设计
Design Company | Yiang Design
项目摄影 | 张瑞华
Project Photography | Zhang Ruihua
文案编辑 | 清歌传媒
Copywriter | Qingge Media